About Us


Our Team

Linda Kuhn is a journeyman Chef and owner/operator of

 Eagle’s Nest Catering Ltd.  Linda credits her Mom for teaching her how to cook delicious meals. Linda remembers growing up in a time where every Sunday there was a family dinner at her grandparents house or at their home. Sharing a family meal with great food, fun and love is the foundation Linda applies to every event she caters.  Linda has been planning events and providing catering to the greater Edmonton area a for over 20 years. 

Linda and her husband Darryl, have been married for 26 years

 and they  have 2 children.  


Holistic Chef

 Heidi Hooper is a holistic chef, trained in Holistic Nutrition as well as 

Culinary Nutriton. Heidi has always had a passion for food, after suffering for years with digestive problems she discovered holistic nutrition which changed the way she views food. She is passionate about serving delicious healthy food. She wants to help others suffering with health condtitions to improve their health through the quality of the food they eat. 


Linda's Own Meals

Linda and Heidi have collaborated to bring  you

Linda's Own Prepared Meals.

Availble in single service or family packs

Serve your family a healthy meal tonight